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Zip through single issue and bulk cloning in Jira. Use advanced customization options to eliminate manual process and reduce mistakes and effort when cloning.

Zip through single issue and bulk cloning in Jira. Use advanced customization options to eliminate manual process and reduce mistakes and effort when cloning.

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Improve cloning efficiency

Create flexibility for admins and users with customizable cloning options and capabilities.

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Streamline Jira issue cloning

Out: repetitive, inefficient issue cloning tasks. In: a fast, easy, and predictable flow that reduces errors.

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Standardize issue cloning

Both custom and pre-configured templates allow you to replicate existing cloning information and scenarios within Jira.

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Clone, bulk-clone, and customize Jira issues with ease

Choose your target project, issue type, and cloning options in one step.

Change the target project and issue type when cloning

Choose whether to clone the issue into the same or different project, keep or change issue type, and select from multiple clone customization options.
Clone Plus Feature 1

Scale your efforts with bulk cloning

Scale your efforts by bulk cloning up to 1000 issues from multiple projects in a single operation. 
Clone Plus Feature 2

Create custom issue cloning templates

Build robust, helpful, and comprehensive admin-defined issue cloning templates based on specific business needs.
Clone Plus Feature 3

More features

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Customize and edit field values

Reduce errors by modifying field values and selecting what is copied over before cloning an issue, not after.

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Speed up onboarding processes of new Jira users

Clone templates automate the process to make it smooth and easy, so there’s less hassle for new team members (and you).

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Localizing into different languages

Supports four additional languages beyond English (Spanish, French, German, and Italian).

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Choose what to clone

Clone attachments, watchers, comments, links, and epics with all child issues and sub-tasks. Copy parent versions, reporter, etc.

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Have admins control clone operations

Enable admins to configure cloning options based on each team’s needs. Define how different clone operations work, who can see a clone action, what fields are copied, projects included, etc.

This is an invaluable (app) - excellent work!

Andy M.

This is a very nice plugin, it gives a lot of flexibility when you are cloning the issue.

Pankaj M.

This (app) has been a game changer when setting up new teams. It provides a quick and easy way to add items from templates. Especially handy for those team that create a new item and have 10+ sub tasks per issue.

Russell S.

Compatible apps 04

Build the perfect Jira cloning combo

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JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows

Increase efficiency, consistency, and governance by customizing and automating single-issue and bulk cloning and workflow approval processes. Use JSU to set/streamline compliance processes that restrict the change of the issue’s status until defined criteria are met.

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Power Scripts

Give Jira admins total flexibility when dealing with overwhelming manual tasks in large instances. Get more done in less time when pairing Power Scripts with Clone Plus bulk, from bulk-issue cloning to bulk-adding users and bulk-updating issues.

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JQL Search Extensions for Jira

Minimize errors within multiple issues by searching and identifying any issue and its relationships. Examine and clear out outliers and automatically clone any issues you need to make existing helpful information — across the board.

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