Jira Misc Custom Fields (JMCF)

Tap into Jira's hidden

potential with JMCF custom fields

Tap into Jira's hidden

potential with JMCF custom fields

The ultimate assortment of calculated custom fields for better screens, accurate searches, and richer reports and dashboards.

The ultimate assortment of calculated custom fields for better screens, accurate searches, and richer reports and dashboards.

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Unlock "hidden" insights

With JMCF, previously inaccessible issue information, e.g. who executed a transition and when, can be readily made available to enhance Jira screens, search, reports, and dashboards – and the data is always up-to-date.

Calculations on-the-fly

Reduce the chance of errors and context switching by calculating data on-the-fly in Jira. Create calculations – from simple math operations to sophisticated Groovy scripts – based on other fields insights in Jira.

Boost decision-making

Enrich your Jira reports and dashboards with accurate, actionable data. Generate reports on a particular transition (e.g. who executed it & when), approval processes, time estimates, and more.

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Unlock transparency and speed in Jira

Enhance Jira screens, automate calculations, improve decision-making, and more.

Robust use case support

Support any use cases with a wide selection of “point & click” custom field types. Or build powerful scripted fields using built-in editor with syntax highlighting and integrated script tester.
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Real-time calculations

Instead of having to switch to other tools or risk errors with manual calculations, JMCF calculates custom field data within Jira automatically, so you always have the latest information in screens, search filters, and reports.
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Create more useful Jira screens

Populate Jira screens with entirely new, previously inaccessible information. For example, see dates and authors of specific transitions or fields changes, or how long an issue has been in a blocked state.
JMCF feature 3

Configure and maintain with ease

Get a holistic view of all your configured JMCF calculated fields, including in which screens they have been enabled, using My Custom Fields. Identify and troubleshoot any potential errors with ease thanks to Error Logs.
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More features

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Always up-to-date

Custom field values are automatically recalculated every time Jira issue is displayed or updated.

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Search and statistics compatible

JMCF custom fields are searchable and fully compatible with dashboard statistics gadgets and reports.

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No-code fields

Choose from a powerful suite of no-code custom field types that go above and beyond the standard ones provided by Jira.

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Scripted fields

Support more complex scenarios using built-in scripting editor with on-the-fly syntax checking, interactive inline help system, and an integrated script tester.

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Error logs

Quickly view and fix any potential errors and warnings associated with your fields.

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My custom fields

View and manage all your configured JMCF custom fields from a single location to greatly speed up maintenance.

(JMCF) Helps us generate complex reports using just one field.

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Great app that gives you the flexibility to compute the data you want manually

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Critical to our ability to serve over 30,000 Jira customers on our system.

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