Power BI Jira Connector

Power BI Jira Connector

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Learn how to connect Jira and Power BI for real-time reporting and analytics

visualize data

Combine and visualize Jira data

By unifying data from different Jira instances (on-prem and cloud), different Jira projects, as well as other types of data in Power BI, you can visualize combined data to tackle any Jira-related KPIs and sprint metrics.

monitor work

See how work gets done

See how quickly issues are being resolved, how bugs get handled, how assignees are performing—across all of your projects, teams, products, or divisions. Get a truly holistic view of how work gets done within your organization.


Collaborate smarter

When you bring Jira data into Power BI, you can securely share insights with anyone who needs access to this data, even without a Jira license.

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