Make It Matter Series: Meet Senior Frontend Developer Kamil Galek

Make it Matter - Kamil

At Appfire we make things, and make them matter. We continually aim to build solutions and products that make a positive difference. How do we do that? Through our awesome people, which we call our Appfire fireflies.

Our team is the driving force behind everything that happens in our company. Every move we make is fueled by their passion, empathy, and engagement. They’re not here just to make work flow, because “making” isn’t enough. They’re here to listen and learn with empathy to make it matter for our customers, the world around us, and other fireflies. 

Get to know our team and learn how our fireflies are building the flame of Appfire through our new series: Make It Matter. 

In this first edition, meet Kamil Galek, a passionate senior frontend engineer with more than eight years of commercial experience. 

Kamil joined Appfire in 2019,  developing and maintaining frontend solutions for Appfire’s BigPicture product.

He’s the mastermind and organizer of Appfire’s internal monthly frontend knowledge-sharing meetings, called Frontend on Fire, and one of the organizers of our internal weekly Angular Flash Talk tech guild meetings. 

Kamil’s a massive fan of web development, especially in JavaScript. And as an active supporter of knowledge sharing and tech community building, he frequently speaks at European software events. He’s always ready to work, learn, and cook.

What does a typical Appfire day look like for you? 

I develop and maintain frontend solutions in our BigPicture product. My daily schedule heavily depends on what exactly my team has in priorities in the current sprint. But regardless of the current tasks, I’m fortunate to say that I love my work. It helps me focus and stay energized throughout the day, which keeps me going until I get the job done.

What was your journey into software engineering? What inspired you to pursue a career in software engineering?

I got interested in software development as a teenager. I went to college to study it, but after my second year, I coudn’t wait any longer to get a job and start working on an actual project. 

I started looking for internships and found a job as a PL/SQL developer. At the time I didn’t have firmly defined career goals, I was just happy to gather as much experience as I could.

In my next job I became a fullstack developer, and that’s when I felt I was drawn to frontend the most. Why? Because I like how you can see the results of your work straight away – I enjoy working on the visual side of projects.

What tips or guidance would you give to someone just starting out in software engineering?

I have two pieces of advice. The first is not to be afraid of programming and not to create expectations and myths of what programming should or should not look like. Programming is rewarding, but it’s hard work. You will not always create new, revolutionary features. In every project there will also be tedious tasks. 

There will be challenges that will overwhelm you at first, and you will have to work long and hard to solve them. To enjoy software engineering you have to love overcoming obstacles, and enjoy a trial-and-error type of work. 

My second piece of advice is to not rely on a single technology or framework in the early stages of your career. Broaden your knowledge in this area because it will be easier for you to find the type of project that gives you the most joy and satisfaction.

What are 3 words you’d use to describe Appfire? 

  1. Development, or skills development to be more precise
  2. Energy
  3. Strength/power 

When you work, your endorphins kick in. You are constantly challenged by others in a good way. This technical approach to everything we do and many friendly rivalries help you grow. There are people you can learn from, and we all grow together.

What parts of our mission or culture do you connect with?

Having a development-driven culture, a technical approach to solving problems, and having fun with our work.

How do you balance your career at Appfire and your personal life?

I don’t believe in balance. You must have priorities and unbreakable commitments. At Appfire, I can set these priorities for myself as I see fit, which makes me happy.

What is your greatest accomplishment at Appfire? 

Long-term development is a big one for me. I started without even knowing the Angular framework. Now I’m part of a team that works on one of Poland’s biggest and most complex Angular projects. Also, I still didn’t burn out. I didn’t get bored with what I did. And finally, I appreciate that we can all maintain the culture of a small company in such a large company.

How do you “add to the awesome” each day? 

I think about making every day and task even more fun for everyone. I think about how to motivate everyone to grow and develop their skills. I love organizing our knowledge-sharing meetings, called Frontend on Fire, and our internal weekly Angular Flash Talk tech guild meetings. It’s great to be surrounded by so many passionate experts who are willing to share their experiences. 

What advice do you have for prospective Appfire fireflies?

Do things that you enjoy both at work and after work. Don’t stop learning and acquiring new skills; this will make you happy.

Thank you, Kamil, for sharing your Appfire story! 

Are you inspired by Kamil’s story? Do you want to make it and make it matter?

If joining a mission-driven company that puts people first excites you, explore open opportunities and discover what Appfire can bring to your life. 

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