What a $100 million investment from TA Associates means for Appfire

This post was written by Randall Ward, CEO & Co-founder of Appfire

Today is a big day for our Appfire family. Because of our amazing customers and our incredibly talented, hard-working team, I am honored to share that Appfire received a $100 million strategic investment from TA Associates, a global growth private equity firm. While this news is a big deal for obvious reasons, I wanted to tell the story of how we got here, why we’ve decided to partner with TA, and what this means for the thousands of teams that rely on our products to enhance your Atlassian tools every day.

Change is the only constant

Since 2005, Appfire has focused on one vision: creating awesome Atlassian apps that solve common challenges faced by teams around the world. But over the years, how we do that has changed and expanded. Instead of building every app ourselves, we started to partner with other founders and bring more talent to the same table so that we could improve our capabilities at every turn. In the last 16+ years, we’ve taken this mission out even further, and we have even more to report.

Like Atlassian and many others in the ecosystem, we bootstrapped our business to start and have been profitable since just a handful of years into our founding. Our first two acquisitions were Bob Swift (the legend) and Wittified, two solid and respected brands. And for many years, we focused on improving and growing those products into the trusted solutions for reporting, automation, and administration you know today. Thanks to our customers and our team, we saw a lot of success, and we knew there were more opportunities out there waiting for us.

And then came 2020

While 2020 was an incredibly challenging year in so many ways, it was also a big year of growth at Appfire. We partnered with Silversmith Capital Partners, a Boston-based growth equity firm, to solidify our first-ever outside investment. With this new partnership and a massive, concerted effort from our team, we were able to bring Botron, Beecom, Innovalog, AIO, Artemis, and Bolo products and teams into the Appfire family; all within the span of a year.

I learned a lot in the last year, both personally and professionally, and I’m proud of our team for demonstrating our ability to bring in new partners, support new products and the people who deliver them to the marketplace, all while dealing with the struggles of balancing work and life during a pandemic.

But we’re not stopping there!

TA Associates and $100 million more

When we thought about making another strategic partnership, and since we’re already a profitable company and have been for over a decade, we wanted to focus on the relationships, new opportunities to learn, and how that would grant us additional fuel for the journey we’ve set out on.

That’s why we’re so thrilled to partner with TA. They share our vision to see an Appfire app helping teams in every Atlassian deployment. They share our values — that people are important, that we should always try to “add to the awesome,” and that we do better when we thrive and grow together. They share our passion for bringing on even more amazing founders within the Atlassian ecosystem. And their expertise, along with our partners at Silversmith, will best suit our continued growth plans and our ultimate goal to make customers feel well tended and well supported.

What this means for our customers

Whether you’re a longtime Appfire customer using one of our Bob Swift or Wittified products, or if you use products that have joined the Appfire family through our recent acquisitions, we want you to know that you are in good hands! We will continue to focus on building and supporting apps you can rely on. We will further our investments in product and support and we’ll seek out more opportunities to add useful products and knowledgeable team members to our growing portfolio and team. We want you to have confidence that when you use an Appfire app, you’re partnering with a dependable, long-lasting company with a great team behind it. We want people to say, “Check and see if there’s an Appfire app first.

What this means for our team

One of our core values at Appfire is thrive on change, and grow as a family. Taking a $100 million investment means even more growth. Your future at Appfire is bright. Your opportunities within Appfire continue to grow. Your chance to “be there when it all happened” just multiplied again.

So, I’d like to close with an incredibly huge THANK YOU to our customers, partners, friends in the Atlassian ecosystem, and the entire Appfire team. We wouldn’t be where we are today without all of you. And we’re grateful for our continued relationship with Silversmith, our new one with TA, and happy for every new customer, founder, and Appfire team member we add to the growing Appfire family.

You can learn more about this investment in our TechCrunch post and in the press release.

I’m excited for what the future holds and to share more of our story with you along the way.

– Randall

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