Empower your service desk teams and modernize processes in Jira

Improve customer satisfaction (CSAT), net promoter scores (NPS), retention rates, and much more by modernizing and automating service delivery workflows.

ITSM Service Desk

The benefits of modernizing your IT Service Management (ITSM)

ITSM Service Desk Modernization

Keep up with growing demand

Shifting work patterns have increased the pressure on IT and service delivery teams, who are often still working with legacy tools and traditional processes while serving remote teams. Modernizing these processes and workflows will enable teams to keep up with demand.

ITSM Service Desk Improve Service Quality and Resolution Time

Improve service quality and resolution time

Automate service delivery processes so IT teams and support agents spend less time on manual tasks. This way, regardless of an agent’s level of experience, they’ll be able to provide the same high-quality service while improving over time.

Increase scalability and reliability

Position your IT and service delivery teams for success by giving them the tools to automate processes. Empower them to focus on strategically important work that’s going to help you meet organizational goals. Then you can scale these processes throughout your growing organization.

Our service desk apps

Streamline service delivery workflows in Jira

Save time and resources spent on manual processes and reporting with our portfolio of apps.

Create, track, and report on service level agreements (SLAs) in Jira

End-to-end SLA management solution for the simplest to the most complex of SLAs, to help fulfill service requests on time.

  • Create SLAs with dynamic conditions, workflows, and JQL queries.
  • Track SLAs with color-coded panels, real-time counters, and notifications.
  • Analyze SLAs with reports and gadgets to improve processes over time.
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Boost agent productivity with dynamic templates for common requests

Allow service desk teams to spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time helping customers.

  • Save time on manually writing or copying and pasting responses to common issues.
  • Create dynamic templates for comments, signatures, issue description fields, bug reports, feature requests, and more.
  • Templates can trigger an automatic sequence of actions to streamline your internal workflows.
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Custom fields, workflow tools, and KPI metrics for service delivery teams

Create effective service delivery workflows, spot bottlenecks, and improve processes over time.

  • Choose from over 30 additional custom fields that collect data and KPIs on issues in the background.
  • An out-of-the-box solution that boosts your Jira workflow conditions, validators, and post functions without the need for you to spend time coding, scripting, or maintaining these.
  • Get real-time insights on everything from individual issues to projects with multiple workflows
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Asset, inventory, and configuration management made easy

Maximize Return on Investment, quickly troubleshoot incidents, and minimize risk by increasing visibility into how assets are used.

  • Gain insights into spending and utilization of assets such as hardware, software licenses, services, and related contracts.
  • Modernize traditional and paper-based processes to save time and minimize errors in asset management.
  • Minimize disruptions caused by expired SSL certificates and software subscriptions with timely notifications
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Jira Integration+

3.5 / 4

Connect Jira with Slack and Microsoft Teams for seamless service delivery

Two-way integrations that allow work to flow across Jira and each communication platform.

  • View and update Jira issues in Slack, get notified in Slack when things change in Jira, create Jira issues from Slack, and update issues directly from Slack.
  • Create Slack channels for Jira issues, automatically invite users in Slack, create dynamic channel names, and update the issue from Slack.
  • Embed agile boards as tabs on your channels in Microsoft Teams, get alerts when Jira issues are created or updated, and make changes to Jira issues directly from Teams.
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Centralized Jira reporting with powerful custom dashboards and charts

Eliminate manual work in service delivery reporting to boost ​​efficiency and transparency.

  • Set up your own customizable charts or use pre-defined templates with gadgets (such as Customer Satisfaction, Time to First Response, and Time to Resolution) to create dashboards for ITSM teams. You can also report across your entire portfolio of projects with multi-project gadgets, to get a complete view of service management across teams and projects.
  • Effectively share your reports with secure and unique links with external stakeholders without access to your instance, improving your reporting efficiency. These dashboards can also be shared via Jira Service Management customer portals.
  • Build a reporting hub for your Atlassian tools (Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Statuspage, Opsgenie, Insight, Confluence, and Bitbucket).
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Recommended Solutions

Recommended service desk solutions

time to sla service quality reports insights
End-to-end IT service delivery
Time to SLA Canned Responses Enhancer Plugin for Jira Assets and Inventory Plugin Jira Integration+ Dashboard Hub

Looking for the complete ITSM package? Perhaps your organization wants to undergo a digital transformation and your IT team needs to adapt to meet the growing demands of the business.
This bundle of apps gives service desk teams out-of-the-box solutions to enhance, track, support, and measure IT service delivery. Streamlining processes (including manual tasks like tracking SLAs, responding to customers and stakeholders, and reporting) will also enable teams to spend less time on administrative and repetitive tasks and more time helping customers.

Time to SLA: This end-to-end service level agreement (SLA) management solution enables teams to create, track, and report on complex SLAs.

Canned Responses: Save agent time with predetermined response templates for common support and IT service management (ITSM) tickets.

Enhancer Plugin for Jira: This out-of-the-box solution has added custom fields, workflow tools, and reporting features, all of which you can use without coding or scripting.

Assets and Inventory Plugin: Eliminate unnecessary manual work and errors in asset management with a modern solution that integrates seamlessly with Jira and streamlines workflows.

Jira Integration+: Connect Jira to Slack and Microsoft Teams so employees can request services from their favorite chat tool and IT teams can respond in Jira to reduce context switching.

Dashboard Hub: Build a reporting hub across Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Statuspage, Opsgenie, Insight, Confluence, and Bitbucket.
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Automating service desk workflows
Canned Responses Enhancer Plugin for Jira Assets and Inventory Plugin

Even in large organizations, service desk teams often still rely on manual processes, like copying and pasting answers to common issues. If you tally up the number of hours spent on these manual processes, the total might surprise you.
Automation is key to improving service desk workflows and resolution time. Our apps increase visibility into these workflows, which is vital if you want to understand the impact of service management so you can plan, improve, and scale.

Canned Responses: Create dynamic templates for common issues that can also trigger an automatic sequence of actions, without tricky workflow configuration.

Enhancer Plugin for Jira: Implement effective workflows, automations, and dashboards, and streamline things with features like automatic linked issue field updates and smart workload distribution.

Assets and Inventory Plugin: Eliminate unnecessary manual work and errors in asset management with a modern solution that integrates seamlessly with Jira and streamlines workflows.
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time to sla panels jira issue view
SLA management and continuous improvement
Time to SLA Enhancer Plugin for Jira

A service level agreement (SLA) is your promise to your customers — either external customers or internal employees — about when and how a service will be delivered.
Keeping on top of these commitments ensures that your customers are satisfied. If you want to retain existing customers and attract new ones, SLAs are key. Improve the quality of your service as well as customer satisfaction (CSAT), net promoter scores (NPS) and other key performance indicators (KPIs) with an assist from our portfolio of apps.

Time to SLA: Handle numerous SLAs with varying contractual obligations for different customers. Teams can spend less time managing SLAs and more time supporting customers.

Enhancer Plugin for Jira: Track KPIs for support and dev teams, like show many times an issue has entered a particular status, which team member transitioned an issue into a status, and much more.
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Cross-team collaboration on service delivery
Time to SLA Canned Responses Enhancer Plugin for Jira Jira Integration+ Dashboard Hub

Service delivery is inherently “messy”, spanning across siloed departments and communication platforms like Jira Service Management, Jira Software, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.
We recognize that teams such as IT, Support, Development, and Quality Assurance often need to collaborate to deliver a great service fast. That’s why our tools are available on Jira Service Management and Jira Software for seamless cross-team collaboration on service delivery workflows.

What’s more, we also recognize that “customers” (whether that’s external customers or internal stakeholders in the form of other teams) prefer to use tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams to request a service. Our apps can connect these communication platforms with Jira for happy customers and service teams.

Time to SLA: Jira’s native SLA tool is available in Jira Service Management whilst Time to SLA integrates with both JSM and Jira Software, to bring SLA tracking to Dev teams and boost cross-team collaboration.

Canned Responses: Service Desk teams can create response templates for common tickets in JSM. Whilst Dev teams can do the same for bug reports, story points, feature requests, and other common tasks in Jira Software.

Enhancer Plugin for Jira: Create clear KPIs for any service delivery team in JSM and Jira Software.

Jira Integration+: Connect Jira with Slack and Microsoft Teams so service delivery teams can do what they do best in Jira without context switching, and stakeholders can easily request services directly from Slack and Microsft Teams.

Dashboard Hub: Build a reporting hub across Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Statuspage, Opsgenie, Insight, Confluence, and Bitbucket.
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