Agile Alignment

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Strategy and roadmapping

Ensure cross-enterprise goal alignment with apps for portfolio roadmapping, linkable OKRs, and straightforward, freeform collaboration.

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Main benefits

Align your organization to keep everyone on target throughout Agile delivery.

Help your organization collaborate together

Efficient project and program management for remote and hybrid teams from ideation to execution.
Agile Strategy and Roadmapping

Apply OKR at all levels

Get the flexibility of unlimited OKRs that can be linked with each other and specific Jira issues.
Agile Strategy and Roadmapping

Get a 360-degree view

See planned, ongoing, and completed initiatives across the organization — regardless of the approaches, methodologies, or frameworks used.
Agile Strategy and Roadmapping

More benefits

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Visualize brainstorming

Boost collaboration by visualizing company processes, frameworks, and ideas.

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Link and manage OKRs

Connect objectives and key results with Jira issues to see how teams’ work supports company OKRs.

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Map dependencies

Visually map and manage dependencies between Jira issues to highlight resource needs up front.

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Track Impact

Visualize and transparently track how each work item executed by Agile teams contributes to high-level goals.

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Apps that enhance Agile strategy and roadmapping

OKR for Jira

Apply the OKR framework at all levels of your organization in Jira and track how everyone is pacing toward results. Add labels to quickly identify and filter by sprint, product, team, or department. 

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BigPicture - Project Management & PPM

Get a 360-degree view of all planned, ongoing, and completed initiatives across the organization — regardless of the approaches, methodologies, or frameworks used.

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Whiteboards for Jira

Help your organization collaborate together in real-time or asynchronously at the conceptual stage of the goal-setting and roadmapping process, saving them time otherwise devoted to transferring outcomes to Jira.

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[Whiteboards for Jira]’s integration works well, and the tool's usability is superb - effortless and intuitive for new users to interact with straightaway in their first session.

Ben A.

While Jira alone is great, it lacks some key PM functionality around Gantt/roadmap features, like hard or cross-project dependencies and baselining. BigPicture has bridged all those gaps, a collaborative, single source of truth project management solution for Jira project management.

Colton S.

We have been working with this plugin for more than 3Q now with great success. The tool is supporting our OKR journey across seven tribes and +60 teams. The convenient linkage between OKRs and Jira Issues makes our teams more aware of their impact and overall strategy contribution.

Ramon S.R.

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