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When work flows, everyone wins

From the beginning, our purpose was to be an irreplaceable part of how teams collaborate – wherever they worked – so we built the world’s best collaboration productivity apps and solutions to support them and make great work flow.

Nearly two decades later, our marketplace of nonstop iteration and invention has helped teams everywhere to plan better, deliver faster, and innovate further by giving them the freedom and flexibility to do their best and most productive work.

Today, we’re helping customers tackle their biggest challenges by breaking down silos, boosting productivity, modernizing their tech stacks, and adding value to the platforms and tools they already have.

And we’re just getting started.

An Appfire app for every team

Products, apps, and solutions to plan better, deliver faster and innovate further.

What matters most to us

Our core values. The why behind everything that we do.

  • Empathy / Engagement: “By engaging, listening, and empathizing with the people we are trying to help, we’re able to deliver more of what’s truly valuable to them.”

  • Focused Action / Impact: “Understanding our user’s needs helps us shape and focus our efforts on what to make. We seek continuous feedback and keep refining to ensure we are adding value to the people we serve.”

  • Clarity / Education: “We can light the way for others, educating them, communicating with clarity, and providing tangible examples of positive ways to work and grow together.”

  • Humility / Iteration: “Continual feedback leads to a clearer understanding, sharper focus, and greater improvement. But getting it right for some doesn’t always mean it’s right for everyone. Our goal isn’t to be right but to strive to get it right by cultivating humility and staying curious.”

  • Adaptation / Mutual Growth: “We know that over time the clearer the value we create for others, the more they’ll invest in what we create. The more we help others, the more it helps us. We’ve learned to adapt and thrive in this world of change because it’s how we grow together.”

  • Reinvestment / Excellence: “The more this awesome Appfire community grows, the more we reinvest. We’ll continue seeking excellence, holding the bar high, and adding to the awesome.”

  • Empowerment / Innovation: “The more incredible humans we bring together, the more we can empower them to take ownership, innovate, and reinvent. That’s how we will continue to build the flame, ensuring it stays fueled by what matters most: the humans we’re here to help.”

Help shape our future

Starting with just a few amazing developers and adding business teams to help them along the way, we’ve joined forces with software companies you already know (and love) to provide even more resources and better customer experiences.

As we grow into the future, we’ll seek only the best and most passionate builders, analysts, support engineers, marketers, and business professionals to help us innovate and create unique solutions that solve our customers’ biggest challenges.

Join our journey