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The future of IT Service Management report

Hear from 150+ IT leaders and enterprise ITSM experts about the challenges of keeping pace with the ever-evolving landscape of ITSM — and how to navigate these changes confidently.

Stay ahead of the curve in IT automation, security, and ITSM processes.

As technology evolves, the demands placed on IT service management processes are constantly changing. In this unique research report conducted by enterprise software provider Appfire and global consulting firm Cprime in partnership with the market research experts at Adience, we’ll dive into pressing ITSM topics like: Automation for ITSM processes, SLA management and improvement of KPIs, Why aren’t more organizations automating?, The benefits and challenges of distributed teams, and security in an increasingly remote world, Migrations from self-hosted servers to the cloud and other options, Unlocking business opportunities for growth with ITSM
The future of IT Service Management report

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