Our goal in making these changes is to standardize pricing across our portfolio in line with the value our apps provide, remain directionally in alignment with Atlassian’s pricing, and provide small teams with free access to our collaboration software. We’re continuing to invest extensively in enterprise readiness for Cloud, app security and compliance, new features and functionality, and enhanced product support. For more information on Appfire’s policies and procedures related to safety, security, transparency, and compliance, visit our https://trust.appfire.com.
Existing customers have 60 days from the effective date to renew licenses at the previous price. Additionally, any quotes generated before the effective date will be honored for 30 days. Please contact your reseller or visit the Atlassian Marketplace to generate a new quote.
While we do not formally participate in Atlassian’s Cloud Loyalty discount program, we believe our Cloud pricing is cost effective for teams of all sizes. For eligible organizations working with Atlassian and Atlassian resellers on enterprise Cloud migrations, we will continue to participate in Atlassian’s Dual Licensing program and evaluate other discounts on a case-by-case basis.
We recently evaluated the pricing for all our Atlassian apps. If an app you use is not listed above, then there are no changes at this time.
If you’re using a Cloud app that we’ve recently changed to free for small teams, no action is required. Starting with your next billing cycle after June 30, you will no longer be charged for these apps.
We regularly evaluate our pricing and value to our customers relative to the market. Any future pricing adjustments will be reflective of the value that our apps provide.
We’re here to help! Feel free to reach out our Customer Success team at solutions@appfire.com for questions you may have about our app pricing. Channel partners can also reach out to us directly via your channel manager.