2022 app pricing

We continue to make progress on our goal of providing more standardized, predictable pricing for all our products, including recent additions to the Appfire product portfolio.

Most of our apps will have modest price increases on Cloud, Data Center, and Server. Certain Cloud apps that were not adjusted last year will receive meaningful price decreases at the higher tiers to make use of Atlassian’s newer tiers and support customers who are planning migrations to Cloud. Select Data Center apps have price reductions at various user tiers to allow for more consistent pricing.

We announced in January that all Appfire Cloud apps are now free for under 10 users. As part of our 2022 pricing review, we’ve also included our recently acquired Comalatech apps in this program. If you’re using any Comala apps and have fewer than 10 users, no action is required on your part. Starting with your next billing cycle following July 1, you will no longer be charged for these apps.

As a reminder, existing customers have 60 days from the effective date to renew their products at the legacy prices. Additionally, any quotes generated before the effective date will be honored for 30 days.

Thank you for your continued business.

New pricing will go into effect for the following apps on July 1, 2022*:

*Select price changes went into effect on different dates, as indicated on the pages above.

There are no pricing changes for the following apps at this time:
  • Advanced Jira Issue Insert Macro
  • Agile Reports for Jira
  • BigPicture Enterprise
  • Build Status Tracker for Confluence
  • Bulk User Upload Management Utility
  • CallCenter for Jira service management
  • Code Pro for Confluence
  • Comment Enhancer App
  • Custom Dashboards for Confluence
  • Dashboard Hub for Confluence – Reports & Charts
  • Dashboard Hub for Jira – Reports & Charts
  • Delegated Project Notifications for Jira
  • Embed HTML Gadget for Jira
  • Federation for Jira
  • Flash for Confluence
  • Global SSO for Bamboo
  • Global SSO for Fisheye/Crucible
  • Graphviz Diagrams for Jira
  • Groovy Tasks for Bamboo
  • HTML for Jira
  • Impact for Jira – Traceability Analysis
  • Integrity Check for Jira
  • Javascript Hooks for Bitbucket Server
  • JJupin Agile
  • KIWI (Workflow Importer)
  • Language Switch for Confluence
  • Markdown for Jira
  • Multi-Space Knowledge Base Searcher
  • Power Admin for Jira
  • Pull Request Pro for Bitbucket Server
  • ReStructuredText Viewer for Bitbucket
  • Rights DNA for Jira
  • Run CLI Actions in Bamboo
  • Run CLI Actions in Bitbucket
  • Salesforce Views
  • SIL Excel Reporting
  • Simple Edit
  • Smarter Search for Bitbucket (Stash)
  • SQL for Bamboo
  • SQL for Confluence (Express Edition)
  • Technical Debt Tracker for Bamboo
  • Technical Debt Tracker- Bitbucket Server
  • Two Factor Authentication for Bitbucket
  • User Group Picker PRO
  • WC extension for Google and ScreenCast
  • Webhook to Jenkins for Bitbucket
  • Whiteboards for Jira: team collaboration
  • Whiteboards: collaborative diagrams and flows for Confluence
Why are you changing prices at this time?

Our goals in making these changes are to standardize pricing across our portfolio, recognize the value that our apps provide, align Cloud prices to make migrations more cost effective for enterprise customers, and provide free access to our collaboration software to small teams. We’re continuing to invest in new features and functionality, enhanced product support, and app security and compliance for the benefit of our customers. For more information on Appfire’s policies and procedures related to safety, security, transparency, and compliance, visit our Trust Center at https://trust.appfire.com.

Can I still buy or renew my apps at the old prices?

Existing customers have 60 days from the effective date to renew licenses or subscriptions at the legacy prices. Additionally, any quotes generated before the effective date will be honored for 30 days. Please contact your reseller or visit the Atlassian Marketplace to generate a new quote.

Are you offering Cloud Loyalty or Dual License discounts?

While we do not formally participate in Atlassian’s Cloud Loyalty discount program, we believe our Cloud pricing is cost effective for teams of all sizes. For eligible organizations working with Atlassian and Atlassian resellers on enterprise Cloud migrations, we will continue to offer Dual License discounts and evaluate additional discounts on a case-by-case basis.

Will there be any additional price changes?

We regularly evaluate our pricing and value to our customers relative to the market. Any future pricing adjustments will be reflective of the value that our apps provide.

Who should I contact with questions?

We’re here to help! Simply reach out to our support team, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our apps and our pricing.