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Unlock deep insights

regardless of DBH logo tech skills

Unlock deep insights

regardless of DBH logo tech skills

The central hub where teams can analyze, collaborate, and share business data and insights.

The central hub where teams can analyze, collaborate, and share business data and insights.

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Easy to use

Take back time spent on configuration with an intuitive interface and easy-to-read metrics so you can focus on what’s most important.

Infinitely customizable

From creating your own charts, to calculating formulas, or changing colors, leverage a wide range of customization options.

Easily sharable

Marketing, Sales, Development, and Product Management teams can use dashboards and metrics relevant to their specific team needs.

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Teams who trust us

Key features 03

Visualize real-time business data in a whole new way

Dashboard Hub for monday.com empowers everybody to create and share centralized dashboards with custom charts, formulas, and advanced metrics for their team.

Display data with nearly 100 metrics

From pulling a clear summary of your board to creating visual cards with calculations of custom fields, our data visualizations will open your eyes to new, clear and actionable insights.

Broadcast data externally in seconds

Share dashboards and boards externally with password-protected links, enhancing the quality and speed of your reporting process to promote collaboration.

Access your data from a centralized location

Centralize all your monday pro ject data into dashboards -no matter the workspace-, combining data from other 10+ integrations and third-party apps

Track the sales pipeline in a more visual way

Gain control of your data with a pre-built dashboard for sales CRM and powerful metrics tht provide advanced insights.

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Build the perfect dashboard visualization combo

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Time to SLA

Revolutionize how you report on SLAs and other service desk KPIs in Jira whilst gaining business insights across teams, projects, and Atlassian tools by pulling the robust SLA metrics into sharable, customizable dashboards.

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Get an overview of BigPicture projects in centralized dashboards. Create cross-team dashboards that help stakeholders and managers get a unified view of multiple projects and their progress, resource utilization, and overall status.

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Dashboard Hub for other platforms

Get more done with enterprise collaboration solutions built for your team, your ecosystem, and your best work.

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