A brand new Appfire

Presenting our new brand vision 

Appfire launched in 2005 with a clear focus: find great people and build amazing solutions. Since the early days, as one of the original Atlassian ecosystem partners, Appfire has been creating helpful software so customers using Atlassian tools could get more value from their investment, and build on their capabilities.

Fast forward to today and our mission is still to support our founding engineers and teams to build awesome apps fueled by a deep understanding of our customers’ goals.

Brand history

We started with a small team of talented people. Our original visuals were spirited and fresh, and unique from the rest of our other Atlassian partner brethren. We had a fire graphic, because “AppFIRE.” And we used a lot of orange, black, and white.

Our new visual inspiration around the Appfire brand might remind you of jets criss-crossing the sky, high fives, and campfires to gather around. The brandmark symbolizes movement, collaboration, and building. Our unique approach to color is that we want to reflect the world around us, and our global team of Appfire people. 

Over the last few years, we’ve partnered with several companies you know and love and brought them into the family. As we looked around at all these storied brands, we saw the love and hard work of several teams who chose to align their fate with ours. 

Our look, our feel, the way we express what it means to be part of Appfire had to grow to accommodate this big bright future.

Look and feel

Our first big change to Appfire is in our lovingly-crafted new identity. We needed something that looked future-ready, clean, and modern, and that was flexible enough to incorporate all the growth we’ve had over the last few years. Does it look like an “A?” Sure. Could it remind you of a fire? Maybe so.

We chose a nice clean font for the Appfire wordmark because we know that it has to look good next to our modern brandmark, and also as a standalone element. The font is very readable in various sizes so that you’ll recognize us in the Marketplace just as easily as you will on a billboard in Times Square or downtown Sydney. 

But wait. What colors are associated with this new Appfire brand? Just like our award-winning software, our colors are as flexible as our brand. They can be a simple black and white, or they can be all kinds of exciting combinations to match your world, your needs. 

If we stopped at just this pretty face and new “clothes,” that would be enough. But releasing a refreshed brand means that we get to reflect on what makes Appfire tick. What resonates with our people? What do we hope you’ll say about us when you see our name pop up out there?

That takes us back to our values.  

Our defining values

Ask any Appfire team member, and they’ll agree that our values are more than words. They’re who we are. Our values are the glue that holds us together. They unite every founder, every employee, and everyone who contributes to what Appfire represents.

Our values are the operating system for the work we do for you. Want to read through them? Here they are: 

Be Human — “Being human” propels us forward with empathy, sincerity, and integrity. It’s the guiding principle for everything we do.

Make it, and make it matter — We focus all of our attention on making a difference for our customers. It’s the only thing that matters.

Light the way — We value generosity, hard work, mentorship, building relationships, and simply helping our fellow humans.

Getting it right > being right — We’re passionate about getting the job done, and done right. We stay curious, test everything, and never stop questioning our assumptions.

Thrive on change, and grow as a family — We invest in our teams and embrace lifelong learning. We don’t just adapt to change, we thrive on it because we know it makes us better.

Add to the awesome — We grow by adding one awesome human at a time. We build the awesome in ourselves and celebrate the awesome in each other. 

Build the flame — We’re driven by a shared passion to help amazing teams do incredible things. Every member of our family helps to write our story. Appfire is ours to create.

What this means for our customers

Appfire and the many companies we’ve brought into the Appfire family over the last year or two are exactly who we’ve always been: your allies in succeeding at your important projects. So we’ve got a fancy new look and feel. We’re still the kind of people who love to gather around the campfire with you and tell stories, talk about the future, and make plans to do the right work together. 

We’re still Appfire. We’re here to build awesome apps for you. 

If you have any questions about the updated Appfire brand, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out to us on twitter!

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