Appfire acquires Project Configurator for Jira from Adaptavist

We’re excited to share that Appfire has acquired Project Configurator for Jira from Adaptavist. Project Configurator for Jira helps businesses automate project migration processes related to change management and platform migrations. Along with our top-selling Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ), this addition brings Appfire’s user base of migration and change management tools to more than 8,000 global installations.

Adaptavist and Appfire are longtime partners — and friendly competitors in the Atlassian ecosystem — who have come together to support customers through the migration process, following Atlassian’s announcement about the end of life for Server.

An investment to accelerate customer success on Atlassian Cloud

Building on years of professional services innovation and product development experience, Appfire’s apps help Jira customers achieve their collaboration goals through technology, regardless of their preferred hosting platform. This acquisition further solidifies Appfire as the leading provider of tools to help customers migrate their projects, data, settings, and apps across Jira instances.

“As thousands of organizations prepare to migrate, they seek a streamlined path, with expert guidance and hands-on help.”

Randall Ward, Co-founder and CEO, Appfire

“One of the biggest pain points of Atlassian Cloud adoption is the cost, effort, and time associated. As thousands of organizations prepare to migrate, they seek a streamlined path, with expert guidance and hands-on help,” said Appfire Co-Founder and CEO Randall Ward. “Adaptavist is a leading services provider and a long-time partner, and the acquisition of Project Configurator enhances our ability to deliver the best solutions to support Atlassian customers in their migration journeys.”

Adaptavist — named Atlassian Partner of the Year for Cloud Migration Services in 2020 — is a leading services provider offering expert consulting and managed services to help organizations work flatter, faster, and more dynamically, delivering enterprise software, expert solutions, and quality services across the Atlassian ecosystem.

“We’ve seen Appfire’s significant investment in change management tools and we’re impressed with their roadmap,” said Adaptavist CEO Simon Haighton-Williams. “This acquisition allows us to continue supporting our customers through their complex migration journeys, with the expertise around consulting and services we are known for. Our ongoing partnership with Appfire will benefit all Atlassian users as we work together to help them maximize their investment.”

What’s next? 

Our teams are already working together to ensure there is as little disruption as possible during this period. Starting today, Project Configurator customers can log support tickets with Appfire’s world-class support team via our Wittified support portal. For now, you will still find the product documentation on the Adaptavist documentation site, and we’ll notify you once it’s been moved over to our sites. There will be no changes to the license renewal process. Simply renew with your preferred Atlassian reseller or directly on the Atlassian Marketplace. You’re in great hands with Appfire!

For additional information, read the full press release, visit and read their blog post. And as always, please reach out to us if you have any questions about this change or any of your Appfire products.

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