Planning to migrate from Jira Server to Cloud? We’ve got an app for that.

We’re excited to announce the first release of Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ) Cloud. This app pairs with our free Cloud Migration Tool to provide teams with a smooth migration of data and settings from Jira Server to Cloud. 

Here are some features we know you will love:

  • Move projects all at once or in phases
    Some teams at your company may be ready to migrate now, while other teams need more time to prepare. Select projects for those ready to migrate today, and migrate other teams’ projects later. 
  • Understand the impact of proposed changes
    Once you select the projects you want to migrate, the Cloud Migration Tool analyzes the proposed migration and provides a tally of the configuration changes by type.
  • Resolve errors prior to migration
    The analysis process identifies and explains any errors with the proposed migration project. Use the built-in tips to address these issues prior to migration and prevent broken configurations in the Cloud.
  • Perform smart migrations with deep configuration support
    CMJ is optimized to intelligently evaluate platform data and only migrate what’s different. The app supports large data sets and a broad range of configuration settings like notification schemes, deeper workflow support, and more. 

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Here’s what our beta testers had to say…

“I’m surprised by how easy it is to use. You only have to click a few buttons and your migration is done.”               

 – Rachel Wright, author, The Jira Strategy Admin Workbook and The Ultimate Guide to Jira Migrations

Planning and executing a migration for an entire Jira instance (or several) is a massive undertaking with many stakeholders involved. One of the goals with this app was to make migrations easy to follow. The app’s wizard guides you through each phase of the process so you don’t miss a beat.

“I am impressed with how detailed and organized the analysis is. It provides information on configuration items that will be created, updated, and any conflicts.”                    

  – Alexsandro Silva, Functional Consultant, iTMethods

The Analysis Report’s simple, yet powerfully complete interface gives you the ability to understand the impact of proposed changes on the target. If the app identifies any errors or warnings, recommendations are provided to resolve those problems quickly.

“I was able to migrate several thousand issues in very little time — all in about 30 minutes of effort.”

  – Jacob Jaskolka, Lead DevOps Engineer, BHG

The Cloud Migration Tool handles migrations of all sizes, and migration times will vary based on the amount of data and number of configuration changes you want to deploy. For any migration, you can use the app’s intuitive UI to start the process, close out of it, and come back to it later to check on the progress.

More features coming soon

The first release of this app fully supports migrations of Jira Core applications, including projects, users, workflows, issues, and more. The app also supports migrations of Jira Software projects, with the exception of Agile boards and sprint data. We look forward to addressing this and many other migration needs in future releases.

Check out the CMJ Cloud Roadmap for more information.


We encourage you to try CMJ Cloud and the Cloud Migration Tool to start migrating Jira Core and Jira Software projects, free for one month. 

Attractively discounted introductory pricing is available to customers for a limited time.

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Thank you

To those who worked behind the scenes to help us test this app in its early stages — THANK YOU! You helped us identify bugs, made suggestions for improvement, and shared which features you cared about most. We could not have done this without you.

Thank you to:

  • Jon Chatwin, Rachel Wright, Tuomas Saranen, Abhishesh Kumar, Laurens Coppens, Aleksandro Silva, and Jill A. Gold
  • the incredible folks at Cprime, Fringe Technology, Valiantys, Praecipio, Clearvision, Blended Perspectives, Communardo, and E-Core
  • and anyone else who shared feedback with our team or tested this app!

We are truly grateful for your feedback, your ideas, your time and your praise for the app.

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