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Sep 7, 2023

Atlassian consultant and expert JSM administrator Rachel Wright covers strategies for service desk implementation, best practices, and valuable tips for managing service requests.

The guide includes strategies, examples, use cases, and implementation tips. Learn how to set clear expectations for company leadership, as well as support team leaders and members so you can set your organization up for service success.

Rachel shows you how to collect, understand, and communicate needs when setting up your service desk so that administrators build the right solution, team members can use it, and the desired outcome is accomplished.

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • How service requests differ from other request types
  • Examples of common support uses, workflows, and automations
  • Ways to enable service agents with canned responses and automated actions
  • Why creating clear service level agreements (SLAs) is so important
  • An example workflow with multiple approvals
  • Different ways to use approval conditions
  • Tools and methods to collect feedback, analyze customer satisfaction, and improve processes over time
  • How to use automation, integrations, and experience management companies to manage information collection and analyze results
  • And more

AND you’ll get a valuable checklist: “Rachel’s 10 Tips for Managing Support in Jira Service Management.”

Start managing service requests like a JSM rockstar. 

This guide consists of 93 pages.

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