Free guide: Six automation strategies for Jira that'll make you happy

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Reclaim time and automate processes in Jira


Oct 4, 2022

If you like making work fast and easy, we’ve got a guide for you! It’s called Six automation strategies for Jira that'll make you (and your team) happy

We’ve consulted with industry experts to bring you six valuable strategies for streamlining your business processes with automation.

The guide has examples and use cases for specific types of teams — software development (for Jira Software), ITSM (for Jira Service Management), and business teams (for Jira Work Management) — but the strategies apply to all sorts of teams… Even teams that don’t use Jira can benefit from some of these ideas!

Download the guide and start doing more work better (and in less time).

In this guide, you’ll learn to:

  • Empower human decisions with workflow automation
  • Create smarter business processes without complicating workflows
  • Streamline your Jira by keeping everything in sync
  • Improve communication with users and customers
  • Automate mundane tasks to remove user errors
  • Do more things in bulk

AND you’ll get a bonus checklist for automating Jira.

This guide consists of 44 pages.

Download this ebook