3 steps for managing IT escalations (and 3 mistakes to avoid)

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Oct 9, 2023

"3 steps for managing IT escalations (and 3 mistakes to avoid)" Learn more about this on this episode of Appfire Presents: The BEST IT Service Management Show by Appfire. Join Appfire's product evangelist, Evn Tomeny, and Emily Peet-Lukes as they discuss how to effectively manage IT escalations. Discover the three essential steps to take and learn about the common mistakes to avoid for successful escalation management. By mastering these techniques, you can ensure customer satisfaction and maintain smooth operations within your organization.

About the guest

Before becoming a Product Evangelist at Appfire, Evn Tomeny spent two decades leading and growing IT Organizations. He led IT Support, Infrastructure, Endpoint Engineering, and Enterprise Collaboration teams. When he’s not helping people learn about the awesome things we’re doing at Appfire, he also teaches youth circus arts.

About the show

The BEST ITSM Show by Appfire brings you expert insights for IT service delivery, so your employees and customers have what they need to succeed. Get the right tech and tips for the right job at hand. Look like you’ve come from the future with all your new ITSM smarts. Every episode is a brisk 10 minutes—less time than it takes to provision a laptop or troubleshoot a tech support issue.

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