Custom reports using EazyBI reports and Power Scripts™ for Jira [Webinar]

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Custom reports using EASYBI reports and Power Scripts from Jira
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Oct 23, 2021

Keep Your Budget on Track With Custom Alerts

Looking for tips on how to further expand your EazyBI reporting capabilities? This webinar will show you how to create custom daily alerts using Power Scripts™ for Jira. Watch the short webinar below or read the transcription to get started.

Visit our webinar page for additional content crafted superficially for Atlassian Marketplace users looking to better leverage their workflow systems.

Video Transcription



Hi. Thank you for watching How to Keep Your Budget on Track With Custom Alerts Using EazyBI reports and Power Scripts™ for Jira. My name is Jonathan Muse, and I’m a product manager with Appfire. Today we’re going to be demoing how to further expand your EazyBI’s reporting capabilities with custom daily alerts by using Power Scripts™ for Jira.

Furthering Your Reporting Capabilities in EazyBI

So there are vast reporting capabilities with EazyBI, and it’s great for tracking issues, epics, stories, tasks, and so on, but there isn’t much functionality when it comes to staying in the loop with daily updates without physically going to your dashboards.

custom report

Many teams need to stay within set budgets and timelines for their projects. Checking the budget every day to ensure those parameters are on track can fall low on the priority list when they’re trying to build and release quality deliverables. It can also fall through the cracks as team leads are balancing multiple budgets for different projects at once.

Injecting Power Scripts™

The solution is to inject some simple scripting into your reports to trigger daily email notifications. So let’s look at the steps to see how you can set something like this up for yourself. 

custom reports

So this is an EazyBI report, and it looks at some project deliverables and the accumulated budget, and the actual expenses recorded against that budget or that project. And the idea is that using a script from Power Scripts, we’re going to use the rest API that comes with EazyBI, And we’re going to read that data out of that report using this pretty simple script.

SIL Manager

You can see the URL for the rest call here. It’s getting the data back in CSV format. And what it’s actually doing is rebuilding that same table using HTML and displaying it as HTML. And that can now be sent in a nicely formatted HTML email using some simple triggers.

SIL Manager

And this script would run on a schedule that you can set up in the admin section and you can set this up to run every day or every weekday at certain times.  

Scheduled Job

So by using Power Scripts™ and a simple script you can go from the data within EazyBI itself which is going to update as the data within EazyBI updates and go to that email notification that gets sent out automatically keeping your managers on track with the actual budget and the actual status of your projects.  

Setting email notifications

And that’s it for today. You can download a free trial to test it yourself and if you have any questions please email us at And we’ll see you later. Thank you.

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