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Create powerful Jira workflows and automations

Automations in Jira enable teams to achieve peak productivity, reduce the grind, and free up time to focus on things that move your business forward. We offer multiple products that simplify processes in Jira.

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Why choose this app?

Why choose this app?

Why choose this app?

Quick-start your workflow automation in Jira

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Cloud Fortified

Perfect for users who don’t want to code or want to keep things simple

  • Entirely no-code solution
  • Fast, simple navigation
  • Drag & drop visual rule builder
  • Easy onboarding with hints & tips
  • Supports company-managed projects

Advance your workflow automation in Jira

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Cloud Fortified

Perfect for users who need more flexibility without the complexity

  • Large collection of no-code extensions
  • Extend with simplified scripting
  • Automate based on events & schedules
  • Reusable workflow configurations
  • Supports company and team-managed projects

Access deep levels of 
automation, customization, and integration in Jira

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Cloud Fortified

Perfect for users looking for full flexibility, based on simple scripts

  • Intuitive scripting-based solution
  • Automate beyond Jira workflows
  • Customize Jira UI
  • Integrate with external tools
  • Supports company and team-managed projects

Unsure which Jira workflow automation app to pick?

It’s crucial to work with the automation tool that is right for you and your team. If you are still unsure which tool to try, read this article to compare these solutions in more detail.


Appfire automates Jira workflows for millions of users worldwide

Trusted by thousands of companies, and more than half of all Fortune 100

Automation benefits

Jira automations that empower your team

JSU Easy Workflow Automation

Increase productivity

Too much of your team's time and energy are wasted on tedious, redundant tasks in Jira. Automate repetitive tasks and give your team time to focus on tasks that really drive the business forward.

Keep your teams in sync

Eliminate the need for team members to manually track changes and due dates, or check that they’re working on the most current version. Create custom notifications and emails to improve communication processes in Jira and improve visibility across teams.

Improve standardization

Leverage automation to standardize processes in Jira. Restrict movement of issues, authorize only certain users, and validate information according to the data security policies of your organization.

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