Migrate & Manage

Migrate & Manage

Control and scale Jira administration from start to finish

Tackle Jira migrations, consolidations, and change management with confidence. Tap into insights and harness automations that enable a healthy instance, ultimate accountability, and peace of mind.

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The benefits of finding your right solution for Jira management and migration

tools for easier migration

Save time and headaches before, during, and after a migration

Data migration is a critical process in any organization. Set yourself up for success with the right tools so you confidently move from pre-migration planning to post-migration optimization.

tools for standardization

Standardization at scale

A solution that grows with your organization. Programmatically enforce standards and processes, automate data movements, and ensure consistency across multiple instances and hosts.

tools for clean instances

Maintain clean Jira instances with ease

Avoid manual, error-prone administration and maintenance. Automate the work you’ve been doing manually to reduce administrative clutter, improve Jira performance and maintain a healthy Jira instance.

Top Use-Cases

Recommended Jira administration solutions

select projects migration jira cloud
Migration to cloud
Configuration Manager for Jira Power Scripts Logo Command Line Interface (CLI)

Cloud is the future, but getting there has its challenges. This bundle of apps helps you through each phase of Jira migration — from planning to testing, and execution to cleanup. You’ll be able to conduct an initial discovery of your source and target, plan what gets migrated, make corrections during testing that scale easily to execution, automate the migration, and perform any cleanup — all while keeping stakeholders informed.
Integrity Check and Power Admin: Identify and remove broken configurations in your source, archive unused projects or data, and clean up your instance before the migration.

Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ) - Go beyond Jira’s native cloud migration tool and uncover detailed configuration analysis, a powerful migration engine, real-time data transformations, and advanced migration reports.

Power Scripts or Jira CLI - Choose one (or both) apps to automate repetitive tasks and processes such as exporting data from the Jira server instance, cleaning up or modifying data, and making bulk updates to reduce technical debt.

Announcer Series - Communicate relevant migration information and timelines by creating custom announcements that are shared in Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket.
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consolidate split jira instances
Consolidate or split Jira instances
Configuration Manager for Jira Power Scripts Logo Command Line Interface (CLI)

For companies choosing Data Center licensing over a Cloud migration, consolidating many Server instances into a single federated Data Center may be in your future. Or perhaps a recent restructure, acquisition, or sale warrants splitting or merging disparate instances.
Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ) - Automate the movement of select projects and configurations to other environments, including test and staging.

• Use Integrity Check and Power Admin (included in CMJ) to identify and resolve broken configuration data and perform data cleanup.

Power Scripts or Jira CLI - Automate tedious tasks and processes such as filtering Jira data based on logic, making bulk changes, merging or consolidating, and exporting and importing information at scale.

Announcer Series - Communicate important system changes and timelines by creating custom announcements that are shared in Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket.
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configuration management change promotion
Configuration management and change promotion
Configuration Manager for Jira Power Scripts Logo Command Line Interface (CLI) Delegated Project Creator Logo

Part of operating your business effectively is management of Jira configuration changes in a safe, reliable way that minimizes business disruptions. Your organization has specific needs based on how work flows between and within teams, and being able to adapt to business changes and deploy standards across multiple systems is critical.
Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ) - Review Jira configurations and project data across the system and the impact of specific changes. Easily deploy project- or system-level data/configs across development, test, and production environments. Enforce consistent configuration standards.

Power Scripts or Jira CLI - Automate Atlassian admin tasks. With CLI, perform bulk actions such as adding new users in bulk, creating projects or spaces, and making updates across projects, issues, or fields. With Power Scripts, create advanced automations, customize the Jira instance, integrate with external tools, or add custom layers of security.

Delegated Project Creator for Jira - Delegate Jira administration tasks like project creation to promote consistency and safely scale admin efforts.
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jira cleanup optimization
Jira cleanup or optimization
Configuration Manager for Jira Power Scripts Logo Command Line Interface (CLI)

Complex work and service management tools like Jira can get overloaded after many years of use. You’ll discover old projects, duplicate configurations, or hard-to-find issues like missing references. Routine system cleanup can help you optimize performance today and avoid issues in the future. The tools in this solution enable admins to assess their current system and implement the changes with ease.
Power Admin and Integrity Check - Quickly search for and identify duplicate or unused configurations (by name or type), delete, merge, or update configurations to improve overall system performance. Scan specific projects or the entire system for errors and resolve them with Quick Fix solutions on the same screen.

Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ) - Create backups and archive old projects.

Power Scripts or Jira CLI - Choose one (or both) apps to import and export Jira instances at scale, filter through data based on logic, and clean up data in bulk across the instance.

Announcer Series - Communicate any planned downtime or other critical announcements in Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket.
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