Power Scripts

Power Scripts

The must-have Jira scripting automation app


Take of your Jira

Automate repetitive tasks, enhance complex workflows, integrate external tools, and customize Jira UI with simple scripts

Power Scripts advanced automation

Reclaim hundreds of hours with advanced automation

Automate bulk tasks, notifications, approvals, and task scheduling, and add functionality to Jira where and when needed.

Power Scripts low-code scripts

Unlock greater speed with low-code scripts

Extend Jira functionality and tackle growing business needs with the intuitive, low-code SIL™ scripting language that is easy to learn.

Power Scripts portable scripts

Eliminate downtime during version upgrades and maintenance

Save time while upgrading. With portable, consistent scripts, you don't have to start from scratch when you move to another Jira version.

Why Choose This App

A for all teams and enterprises

Key features

The for your Jira automations

Power Scripts SIL scripting
Run automations with intuitive, low-code SIL scripting

The JavaScript-like Simple Issue Language (SIL™) is a low-code scripting language for admins who want to customize Jira and automate tasks with simple yet powerful commands.
The reusable SIL scripts are flexible, easy to configure, and portable when upgrading to another Jira instance – thus they help eliminate technical debt.
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Power Scripts custom automations
Build customizable workflow automations

Transform routine tasks into automated workflows that reduce time. Build complex automation that suits growing business needs.
Create custom notifications, develop bespoke approval processes, automate issue creation, schedule tasks, or create custom dashboard gadgets.
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Power Scripts Jira integrations
Integrate with your existing tech stack

Connect Jira with business-critical tools and import/export data via REST API or webhooks. Condition, compare, transform, populate, and synchronize data in different systems.

Process emails, connect to Slack, integrate your company-wide CRM, HR, or BI tools, query databases or LDAP, and work with SMSC.
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Power Scripts customize Jira user interface
Standardize processes to ensure governance and security

Build robust governance by standardizing processes and customizing your Jira UI to show or hide specific fields or tabs for users based on their role and permissions.
Add custom security and data validation layers to tailor your team’s user experience.
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Power Scripts

Power Scripts Live Fields

Live Fields

Customize Jira and modify the UI to suit your organization's processes to add security.

Power Scripts scheduled automation

Scheduled & event-based automation

Run scripts when certain events are triggered, or schedule them at specific intervals or times.

Power Scripts JQL search

Advanced JQL search

Find what you need, run sophisticated search queries, and set up granular filters with JQL search.

Power Scripts Script templates

Ready-to-use script templates

Get started with one of the ready-made script templates – no coding required.

Power Scripts Mail handler

Mail handler

Process incoming emails to turn them into automated tasks and add attachments automatically.

Power Scripts SIL Runner Gadget

SIL Runner Gadget

Provide non-admin users with an input form to execute scripts on-demand.


The automation app for Jira

Power Scripts empowers thousands of companies worldwide with flexible automations in Jira.

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