Integrity Check for Jira

Integrity Check for Jira

Your key to maintaining a healthy Jira environment




About Integrity Check for Jira


Detect, locate, navigate to a broken configuration

Easily detect errors in all Jira configuration elements and prevent them from making it to production. Use location paths to navigate directly to each error or apply all available quick fixes.

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Easily resolve configuration errors

Resolve the most common problems in Jira configurations with a single click. Quick fixes help you detect configuration errors automatically and save you time and a tremendous amount of tedious, risky work.

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Choose the scope of your integrity check

Save time and be more efficient by choosing how to run an integrity check - for the whole system, for selected projects, or just for the last failed snapshot, if you use it as part of Configuration Manager for Jira.

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Accomplish and maintain a healthy Jira configuration — forever.

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