Confluence CLI

Perform tasks 
at scale from Jira CLI
a command line

Perform tasks 
at scale from Jira CLI
a command line

Streamline all of your Confluence integration, automation and migration processes with text-based commands

Streamline all of your Confluence integration, automation and migration processes with text-based commands

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Key benefits 01

Integrate all your tools

Align your tech stack by performing actions between instances and connecting Confluence to your database, Slack, and third-party tools.

Automate all your tasks

Reduce time spent on instance maintenance and user management by performing tasks at scale.

Migrate all your data

Make importing and exporting data fast and easy with simple text-based commands

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Teams who trust us

Key features 03

Streamline admin tasks with short, text-based commands

Simple features for complex tasks make anything at scale easier.

Accelerate tasks in the command line


Speed up tasks with bulk edits, updates & changes


Align teams across the Atlassian stack


Improve efficiency with external tool integration


More features

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Stellar database support

Store and manage data efficiently by integrating Confluence with external data sources and databases like PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, or Oracle. Create and use database tables for advanced automation scripting.

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Match up with

Integrate Confluence with to scale admin tasks and build powerful automations while keeping your systems in sync.

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Powerful scripting enablers

Go beyond what’s available via REST API with scripting enablers like replacement variables and find/replace. Perform hundreds of actions with run and runFrom actions, incl. runFromList, runFromCSV, and runFromSQL.

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Advanced data import & export

Trigger imports or exports to auto-run at any time. Export Confluence data such as user lists, groups, permissions, or spaces for pre-migration clean-ups or to enable auditing processes.

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Elevate development workflows in VS Code

Write commands and run actions within the lightweight but powerful source code editor. The ACLI Companion lets you edit search and build actions – all from within VS Code.

“CLI is a really useful plugin. We use CLI to perform mass updates and provide automation for our Confluence instance.”

Helena H.

“A great tool to automate actions for Confluence. ”

Mark d. B.

“This is an extremely useful tool. We use it regularly to perform mass updates on our documentation space after major product releases – to copy the doc updates from the main product space into the OnDemand space. ”

Sarah A.

“Confluence CLI is essential in my publishing process. I've used it for years when copying pages from a 'draft' space to a public-facing one. ”

Helen G.

“Confluence CLI is indispensable! ”

David D.

“Good, powerful, and helpful app to automate tasks in Confluence. Great support team!”

Anand V.

Compatible apps 04

Build your perfect automation/migration combo

CLI logo

Jira CLI

Achieve unparalleled integration and orchestrate actions between Jira and Confluence. From a centralized command line, simplify admin tasks like user management, streamline workflows, and achieve optimal efficiency across both platforms. 

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Comala Document Management

Complement Confluence CLI’s ability to automate document creation and content updates in bulk with Comala Document Management for workflow control, approvals, versioning, and fine-grained permissions, ensuring efficient and secure document management in Confluence. 

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Power Scripts for Jira

Take automation to the next level with Power Scripts for Jira. Create intricate workflows across Jira and Confluence, and achieve complete control over your Jira instance based on low-code scripts. 

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