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Free up your team for higher-value work with a Jira workflow automation tool for admins who don’t want to code.

Free up your team for higher-value work with a Jira workflow automation tool for admins who don’t want to code.

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Key benefits 01

Configure workflows, fast

Productivity, up, tedium down. Go beyond Jira's native functionality to increase productivity, team collaboration, and buy-in.

No-code for the non-technical

JSU's flexible, entirely code-free configuration process allows even non-technical Jira admins to customize and deploy workflows easily.

Create highly adaptable workflows

Create workflow processes that adapt to your team’s evolving needs. Choose from a robust set of rules to fine-tune how Jira issues should behave.

Customers 02

Teams who trust us

Key features 03

Reduce the grind & complexity of Jira workflows

Beginners welcome

JSU comes with a beginner-friendly, intuitive UI that helps you get the job done – fast. View and manage workflow rules with ease, using a single-pane overview of all your saved workflow rules and detailed execution history.
JSU feature 1

Universal Rule Builder

Discover an intuitive, entirely no-code way of configuring Jira workflows. Using JSU’s streamlined, "drag & drop" rule editor, even less experienced Jira admins can build simple or complex rules with ease and no limits on automation executions.
JSU feature 2

Highly adaptable workflows

Help Jira admins of all experience levels tailor workflows to their team’s specific needs. Choose from a unique set of automation building blocks to automate onboarding, speed up work estimation, or streamline budget requests.
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More features

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Code-free environment

JSU offers an intuitive, and entirely no-code environment to customize your Jira workflows – perfect starting point for the less technical or experienced admins.

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Unlimited automation executions

Bypass the limitations of built-in Jira automation and enable unlimited executions, regardless of whether you are using standard or premium Jira.

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Robust workflow extensions

Choose from a unique set of post-functions, conditions and validators that go well beyond native Jira functionality to streamline and accelerate your business processes in Jira.

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Fast workflow management

Get an easy, at-a-glance overview of all your saved workflow rules, including the projects and transitions where they have been enabled.

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Built-in hints and tips

A lot of apps leave you to figure things out on your own. With built-in hints and tips that guide you through the workflow setup and beyond, you never have to feel stuck in JSU.

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Enhanced data governance

Reduce friction in your audit and compliance processes by restricting the movement of Jira issues until a certain criteria is met.

JSU makes creating robust workflows easy. For admins that want an easy way to implement more complex workflows without having to know how to write any scripts.

Brant S.

JSU Automation Suite has helped me to model the complex workflow (without writing any scripts) quickly; transfer data, comments, attachments among issues; auto-transitions on issues, and a lot more.

Pranita W.

I was able to solve a complicated client request leveraging this app to greatly extend the Jira instance capability. Easy to use and intuitive as well.

Chris J.

This is one of the good apps in the marketplace which I have used since the early days that were introduced. During these years, lots of functionalities have been added to it, and it's easy to use when it comes to the initial workflow customization for new Atlassian Administrators.

Ansar W.

During these years, lots of functionalities have been added to it, and it's easy to use when it comes to the initial workflow customization for new Atlassian Administrators.

Ansar R.

Compatible apps 04

Build the perfect delivery workflow combo

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Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE)

Advance your workflow automation in Jira with a comprehensive library of 40+ workflow extensions. Customize them further with low-code scripting, then quickly reuse your configurations across multiple transitions and projects using Shared Actions.

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Power Scripts for Jira

Take your automation beyond Jira workflows to tackle growing business needs with the intuitive, Java-Script-like SIL™ language. Automate bulk tasks, notifications, approvals, and task scheduling, and integrate Jira with your existing tech stack via REST API or webhooks.

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Comala Document Management

Implement automated workflows in Confluence to enhance document quality, enforce best practices, and increase overall efficiency. Comply with industry standards by leveraging detailed reports, automated approvals, page expiration dates, and e-signature capabilities.

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Clone Plus for Jira

Reduce the time, effort, and errors involved in cloning issues — individually or in bulk. Clone Plus for Jira greatly simplifies the process by providing configuration settings, instant modifications, and templates unavailable in Jira natively.

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JQL Search Extensions

Leverage 50+ JQL search extensions to find attachments, links, subtasks, comments, versions, and links. Use JQL keywords to create powerful reports and dashboards.

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Jira Misc Custom Fields (JMCF)

Populate Jira screens with entirely new, previously inaccessible information using calculated custom fields. Reduce the chance of errors and context switching by calculating data on-the-fly, and improve decision-making with richer reports and dashboards.

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