Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE)

Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE)

Powerful, all-in-one Jira workflow automation


Jira workflows the way you want it

JMWE is a flexible workflow automation solution that combines no-code, point & click configurations with powerful scripting capabilities.

JMWE Simplify Jira Workflows

Simplify Jira workflows with automations that suit any team

Easily tailor your Jira workflows to fit your specific needs. Rapidly build and automate your business processes beyond what’s possible with native Jira automation.

JMWE Simplified Scripting

Fast and powerful scripting, guided to ensure accuracy

Create sophisticated automations faster without the need for extensive coding. Test your script against any issue on the spot to avoid deploying non-functional workflows.

JMWE Automation Beyond Jira

Go beyond conventional Jira workflows

Expand native Jira workflows with over 40 extensions, including post functions, conditions, and validators. Step outside workflows with automations based on events, schedules, and calculations.

Why Choose This App

for fast, complete Jira customization

Key features

Unlock the of Jira workflow engine

JMWE Workflow Extensions
Unmatched collection of point & click extensions

Rapidly build and configure your workflows your way with an ever-growing suite of no-code workflow extensions that go well beyond native Jira functionality.
JMWE provides a large collection of more than 40 workflow post functions, conditions, and validators – all fully embedded and available right within Jira’s workflow engine. These workflow building blocks extend your workflows without any coding to support how you and your team use Jira everyday.
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JMWE Simplified Workflow Scripting
Supercharge automations with simplified scripting

To meet your team’s more sophisticated workflow needs, you can take JMWE’s built-in extensions even further with simplified scripting. Essentially, instead of writing lines and lines of code, you simply use snippets of code which are easy to read and understand.

For example, if you want to transition all linked issues based on value of a specific field, you just need to write a few snippets of code that checks the field value. It’s more efficient, maintainable and less error-prone way of automating your workflows.
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JMWE Automation Outside Jira Workflows
Automate outside Jira workflows

Automation in JMWE isn’t limited to just Jira status changes, i.e. when an issue transitions from OPEN to IN PROGRESS. With Event-based Actions and Scheduled Actions, you can run any of the JMWE post functions – or sequences of post functions – outside of Jira workflows.

Automations can be triggered across multiple projects according to a schedule you prefer or based on a variety of events, such as when an issue is created or updated, comment or attachment has been added, a work log created, and many more.
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JMWE Managing Workflows at Scale
Manage Jira workflows at scale

Once your Jira instance has multiple workflows, it won’t be long before you’ll find yourself recreating the same configurations over and over again. Using Shared Actions, your most common configurations can be quickly reused across multiple transitions and projects.

For example, you can set multiple fields using a single “set field value post-function”, configure a post-function to send an email, and then apply them to an entirely different workflow transition as one Shared Action, without the need to recreate them over and over again.
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JMWE features

JMWE No Code Extensions

Time-saving point & click extensions

Quickly automate your business processes with just a few clicks using JMWE’s large collection of built-in, entirely no-code workflow extensions, including post functions, conditions, and validators.

JMWE Simplified Script Editor

Simplified script editor

Thanks to the smart, interactive help system, and built-in script tester, even non-coders can click their way through scripting to deploy advanced, bug free workflows.

JMWE Shared Actions

Shared Actions

Re-use the same post-function – or the same scripts – in multiple transitions across differents workflows and transitions to greatly simplify maintenance.

JMWE Event Based Actions

Event-based Actions

Run any of the JMWE post functions outside of Jira workflows. Instead of depending on issue transition to kick off automation, it can be triggered by events such as field updates, comments, links or attachments added.

JMWE Scheduled Actions

Scheduled Actions

Create automations to run at set times on selected Jira issues in your instance. For example, you can automatically transition any issue escalated yet not addressed within your SLA threshold.

JMWE Transition History

Transition history

Get a clear understanding of all your workflow activity in Jira with JMWE Transition tab. Easily overview all issue transitions, when they took place, and who triggered them – all in one list.


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