Migrate and Manage

Migrate and Manage

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Configuration management and change promotion

Gain the ability to customize Jira to meet changing workflows, processes and collaboration needs.

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Main benefits

Manage or change Jira configurations — safely and reliably.

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Enforce standards across instances

Eliminate proprietary scripts or brute-force methods by templatizing configurations and project standards rollouts.

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Minimize unnecessary downtime risks

Avoid unintended consequences when introducing changes in Jira with in-app safeguards, error detection, and automation.

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Synchronize data across your tech stack

Customize requirements-based processes and let automation handle manual admin tasks instead.

More benefits

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Detailed change & impact analysis

Allow admins to easily see configuration changes when moving projects between test, staging, and production.

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Automation for repetitive tasks

Streamline administrative tasks, perform bulk actions, or create custom rules to automate actions like enforcing naming conventions.

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Easy system configuration search

Find configurations by ID, name, and type and remove unused configurations easily.

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Integration of third-party tools and systems

Synchronizing data across systems by integrating tools like quality assurance or compliance management systems.

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Apps that enhance configuration management and change promotion

Migrate and Manage

Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ)

Review Jira configurations and project data across the system and the impact of specific changes. Easily deploy project- or system-level data/configs across development, test, and production environments. Enforce consistent configuration standards.

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Integrity Check for Jira

Verify that your configurations are in good health before moving them from staging to production.

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Power Admin for Jira

Search your production instance for configurations by name or type to avoid duplicates when implementing change requests.

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Power Scripts

Create advanced automations and fully customize the Jira instance. Integrate external tools via REST API and add custom layers of security.

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Jira CLI

Accelerate sys admin tasks, export project configurations, issues and workflows; and perform bulk actions such as adding hundreds of new users or creating projects from a CSV file.

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Delegated Project Creator

Create and customize project templates to enforce consistency and standards in the most common project types. Empower trusted leaders in the organization to create or request projects based on those templates to reduce admin bottlenecks.

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“[Power Scripts] is a game-changer. What took up to an hour before now takes 5-10 minutes.”

Ingrid B.

“[Power Scripts] is a great problem solver backed with excellent support. It helps us get Jira to work how we need it to.”

Stephen K.

“Cool solution for change management and data migration. I highly recommend this tool.”


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