Enhancer Plugin for Jira

Enhancer Plugin for Jira

Custom fields, workflow tools, & KPI metrics with the Enhancer Plugin for Jira


Create effective workflows, spot bottlenecks, and improve processes

The Enhancer Plugin for Jira allows you to track key performance indicators (KPIs) for support and dev teams, see the bigger picture within data, and get the most out of your workflows.

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Enhancer Plugin for Jira custom fields

Enhance your custom fields

Choose from over 30 additional custom fields that collect data and KPIs on issues in the background, so that you don’t have to. Just sit back and analyze the data on user-friendly screens.

Enhancer Plugin for Jira workflow tools

Enhance your workflows

An out-of-the-box solution that boosts your Jira workflow conditions, validators, and post functions without the need for you to spend time coding, scripting, or maintaining these.

Enhancer Plugin for Jira reports

Enhance your reports

Use reports and gadgets to get quick and live insights on everything from individual issues to projects with multiple workflows – enabling you to see the bigger picture across your data.

Why choose this app

A vital solution for service delivery & development teams


The Enhancer Plugin for Jira increases visibility into your service delivery workflows

Enhancer Plugin for Jira issue view reports tab panels workflows
Enhance your Jira experience

Enjoy an enhanced Jira issue view as well as additional reports, tab panels, and workflows tools.

Enhancer Plugin for Jira augment jira
An out-of-the-box solution

Augment Jira and Jira Service Management to suit the needs of your team without coding or scripting.

Enhancer Plugin for Jira time tracking
Identify bottlenecks in your workflows

Easily identify bottlenecks in your workflows with the Time Tracking (time in status) status feature.

Enhancer Plugin for Jira calendar holiday customization
Calendar and holiday customization

Advanced calendar customization for dynamic teams. Add multiple time frames for each day, recurring/one-off holidays, and half days.

Key features of the Enhancer Plugin for Jira

Canned Responses templates jira simple setup

Time tracking made easy

Keep an eye on useful time metrics with the Time Between Gadget, Time in Status Gadget, Status Counter Bar Chart, and Number Custom Field Analyzer.

canned responses templates jira unlimited templates

Improve team performance

Get reports on your team such as Total Resolutions Per User, User Performance, First Resolved User, First Reponse Time, and User/Group History Report.

canned responses templates jira organize templates

Boost resolution time

See how quickly issues and projects are being completed with the Resolution Time, Resolutions vs Reopenings, and many more.

canned responses templates jira rich text formatting

Analyze user and date fields

Our Two-Dimensional Filter Gadget displays user and date custom fields (such as resolution user and resolution date for example) in a handy matrix.

canned responses templates jira content aware macros

Comment custom field

View comment data such as the first/last comment made, the user who made the comment and the time it was made directly in the issue navigator.

canned responses templates jira integration chat for jsm

Powerful integration

The Enhancer Plugin is integrated with Time to SLA, another app within our portfolio, so your teams can easily create, track, and report on service level agreements


Custom fields, workflow tools, and KPI metrics

Get the most out of service delivery workflows with the Enhancer Plugin for Jira

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