Time to SLA

Time to SLA

Create, track, and report on service level agreements in Jira with Time to SLA


Improve service quality and customer satisfaction with Time to SLA

Keep on top of numerous service level agreements (SLAs) with varying contractual obligations for different customers. Time to SLA allows you to spend less time managing SLAs and more time supporting customers.

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time to sla conditions workflows jql queries

Create SLAs with dynamic conditions, workflows, and JQL queries

Define SLA contract conditions based on Jira issue statuses, date fields, or comments. Set a goal using a negotiation date field, fixed duration, or dynamic duration. Narrow down the scope with JQL queries.

time to sla track anels timers notifications

Track SLAs with color-coded panels, real-time counters, and notifications

As soon as an SLA is in progress, the panel will be visible. Check the color to see the status and use the real-time countdown timer. You can also add colored fields to issues for more information.

time to sla reports continuous improvement

Analyze SLAs with reports and gadgets to improve processes over time

Select relevant fields and the app’s JQL functions to generate custom SLA reports quickly. Export your reports to Excel with just one click. You can also add gadgets to your dashboard for live data updates.

Why choose this app

Time to SLA is the #1 service level agreement app in Jira

Key features

Time to SLA allows you to handle the full end-to-end process of SLA management

time to sla panels jira issue view
A new and improved Jira issue view

Time to SLA seamlessly integrates with Jira to bring you live SLA data directly within the issue view.
Use color-coded SLA panels and real-time countdown timers to keep on top of your customer agreements.
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time to sla goals
Set specific goals for your SLAs

Whether you’re an IT team that’s juggling internal requests or a facilities management company servicing an array of customers, Time to SLA’s wide range of goal options allow you to create SLAs that are bespoke to each of your customer agreements.
Set a negotiation date, standard duration (e.g. 4 hours), dynamic duration based on a custom field, no target, and the next business day as a goal for your SLAs. Set multiple goals in a single SLA, with JQL queries and priority levels too.

You can also select which one of your predetermined calendars you would like your goal to follow to ensure that all SLA data is accurate. For example, an SLA with a 4-hour goal that starts at 15:00 within a 09:00-17:00 calendar will run for 2 hours and then continue counting for 2 hours at the start of the next working day.
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time to sla slack email notifications
Never miss a deadline with notifications

Receive notifications via Slack and email when an SLA has reached a certain percentage of its target, is close to being breached, or has been breached for a certain amount of time.
Let’s say that you have an agreement with a customer to resolve all urgent incidents by the end of the next business day. Within Time to SLA, you can identify customers as VIPs and get notified when an SLA is close to being breached.

You can also select which recipients you’d like to receive notifications (i.e. assignees, reporters, voters, watchers) as well as specific Jira users and groups.
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time to sla service quality reports insights
Improve service quality

With Time to SLA’s many reports, teams can analyze their progress and get better over time.
Boost customer satisfaction (CSAT), net promoter scores (NPS), as well as other key performance indicators with data and insights on service management processes.

What’s more is that happy customers tend to stick around, so this is likely to also have a knock on effect on customer retention.
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Key features of Time to SLA

time to sla jsm jira software

Easy collaboration

Time to SLA is available on both Jira Service Management and Jira Software for cross-team collaboration within a modern enterprise.

time to sla calendars holidays

Set working calendars

Create an unlimited number of calendars and time intervals such as break times. Add recurring, non-recurring, whole day, half day, and shared holidays.

time to sla conditions

SLA conditions

Set conditions where you like an SLA to start, stop, reset, and pause. For example, you can pause an SLA when the status is changed to “waiting for customer”.

time to sla critical zone

Critical zones

Personalize your SLAs to suit the needs of your business and customers by defining what you consider as a “critical zone” such as 80% of the SLA duration.

time to sla negotiation dates durations

Flexible negotiation settings

If your customers ask for specific dates instead of durations, you can assign date fields as negotiation dates within SLA goals.

time to sla operational level agreements olas

Manage OLAs

Time to SLA also allows you to manage operational level agreements (OLAs) – internal agreements that service providers define so internal users can meet SLAs.


The best SLA solution in Jira

Time to SLA is trusted by thousands of business in over 70 countries.

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